Since 2015 we have been campaigning for, developing, and delivering a world-leading model of LGBT-inclusive education in Scotland. After three short years, our campaign won in 2018 but our work on the ground is far from over.

We have always carried out our activities at a small, unfunded scale: but this model is not sustainable in the long term. As demand increases, so does our inability to meet it.

At a time when LGBT equality is under sustained attack across the globe, we are determined. If you choose to become a supporter, your donations will:

  • Contribute to the operational costs of our core work and service provision until a public contract bid becomes available

  • Help us develop and distribute new and existing school resources

  • Allow us to complete new and outstanding educational projects

  • Support our efforts to upscale and diversify our work streams

  • Assist in the creation of new platforms and content developed by and for LGBT people and community allies

We have a proven track record in campaigning, development, and delivery. Evaluated data has shown us that, after our school services:

| 87% of young people who reported having a negative attitude towards LGBT people said that they had now changed their mind

| 98% of teachers felt more confident developing and delivering LGBT-inclusive education

We want to keep making the world a better place for tomorrow’s generations but we need your help. Please consider becoming a one-off or regular supporter if you are able to - and together, we can continue building the society we all want to see. Thank you.