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Since 2015, we have advocated on behalf of the LGBT community and allies; campaigning for, developing, and delivering a world-leading model of LGBT-inclusive education in Scotland.

Thus far, we have carried this out at a small-scale; reliant upon the personal flexibility of volunteers. This model is no longer sustainable. As demand increases, so does our inability to meet it. With continued funding, we hope to upscale and diversify our work, involve communities, and complete outstanding educational projects.

Independently evaluated data has shown us that:

| 87% of young people’s attitudes towards the LGBT community changed positively following our school sessions

| 98% of teachers felt more confident teaching LGBT-inclusive education after our training seminars

We want to keep making the world a better place for tomorrow’s generations but we need your help. As a small charity, we are reliant upon the generosity of donors.

Please consider supporting our work directly by donating what you can. Thank you.